Friday, October 4, 2013

Local Talent 

I love going out to see local bands in small venues these days. Of course, when I do, my ever present camera comes along for the ride. Recently, I got to shoot a fantastic Grateful Dead cover band by the name of Crazy Fingers. It was a small venue and as is often the case in these smaller places, the lighting wasn't fantastic. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few keepers.

These guys are incredibly talented and put on a great show.

At one point during the show I turned and saw my wife, like the eye of the storm, a calm center surrounded by a sea of dancing Deadheads. She was in near total darkness, but the shot was so soulful, I boosted the ISO, set a slow shutter speed (knowing I'd get motion blur on the dancing heads) and went for it. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit a certain special appreciation for these guys. They played at my wedding. Yep, we had a Dead cover band at our tie-dye themed wedding where the vows were styled after Dr. Seuss and our wedding cake was an oddly angled and tilted Mad Hatter motif. More than ten years later, Stephanie and I are still approaching life with the same oddly angled, Dr. Seuss, tie-dyed attitude... Thanks for the memories, Crazy Fingers!

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