Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Last week, I had the opportunity to shoot two fantastic fitness instructors in several locations. It was a blast, so I thought I'd share some of the images we captured.

Nikki is one of my wife's trainers and is one of the nicest folks I know. She was a natural in front of the lens. 

Trainer Sean
Trainer Sean (a kickboxing instructor) is one of Nikki's trainers. These guys both wanted portraits and action shots, so we set up a 5 hour shoot and went to work.

Nikki's portrait session was first on the schedule so we met at an interesting location near an art studio in southern Florida. When Nikki saw the rusted hulk of a machine, she immediately volunteered to climb up onto it in heels and gown. At that point I knew I had a winning client!

Once we had our shots from the outdoor portrait locations, we headed off to the gym to meet up with Sean.

We went for action shots right away. These guys worked hard for this shoot and it pushed me to work even harder to match their intensity. 

Talk about a great session! We all laughed hard and worked hard and it paid off with some keepers.

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